We know how precious your home and grass are and want only the best sod for your lawn.  We pride ourselves on crafting custom properties to delight every type of sod and grass enthusiast.
Did you know you now have 2 choices for sod? We now offer Kentucky Blue Grass southern ontarios grass of choice or the new RTF sod. What's RTF sod you ask? Keep reading. 

RTF SOd - Rhizomatous tall Fescue

RTF is a Water Saver Sod since its roots penetrate deeper than regualr types of grass. And unlike other fescues, RTF does not produce “ugly clumps" and is self-repairing by means of rhizomes; underground roots that spread and fill in bare or thin spots. RTF is also very disease resistant since it repels surface feeding insects.

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Sod Installation - starts with good sod 

Sodding service

Have you tried to install sod? If so, you will remember that it is alot of work. Let us make it easy for you, we have some specialized equipment to make the process more effiicient and can supply and install your new lawn in 1-2 days. 

Our Sod Team will spend the first 4-5 hours removing the existing turf, lawn, grass and weeds. Once completely removed we can rebuild the sub-soil in preparationfor the new sod. We use premium screened topsoil for this, which also is perfect since it compacts and helps to level and grade your sodding area. 
When the grade is approved and the rough and final grades are completed, your new lawn will be installed piece by piece in only a matter of a 3-5 hours.
Typically we can start and complete 1500-3000sq ft in the same day.
Kentucky Blue grass roll for Oakville Installations
Expert sod installation in Oakville

Urban myths

1) Sodding can only be done in the spring.
-This is not the case, true spring has its advantages with ample water, but sod installation can be done from late April until freezeup in late fall.
2) All sod and seeds are created equal.  - Again false. Different sod and seeds will have different germination rates, leaf blade thickness, length as well as color. An important fact...most store bought bagged seeds are seed blends. These will result in various types of grasses and be a mixtured of colors, shapes and sizes. We only sell non-mixed seeds and kentucky sod rolls, which have over 99% seed homogeniety. This makes for a more uniform color and overal lawn appearance.
3) Triple mix is the same as topsoil.  FALSE. Make no mistake these 2 are not the same, Triple mix is great for gardens, but topsoil is what is you need for levelling, grading and base preparation for sod installation.
Fresh sod for sod installtion in Oakville

Sod Installation

Kentucky bluegrass

Customers rate Kentucky Blue Grass as their favorite for lawns. It has proven itself  to be a hearty grass and good for sodding as it can grow in partial shade to full sun installations. It also fares well through our cold winters. For sod purchase contact Southern Ontario Sod farms.

over-seeding your lawn

As the last alternative to sodding there is over-seeding. Over-seeding requires almost the same base preparation as sodding, the only difference being the addition of seed into the topsoil instead of an already harvested sod. Terra Verde Landscaping can help with this method. However with seeding you will need to water extensively and wait 1-2 months for it to mature and fully grow in.
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