can you  install  my  system  now?

Ontario has a one of the longest growing seasons in Canada. This means we have lots of time to work. In fact we can install your Irrigation system anytime between March and December as long as the ground is not frozen and its dry enough to work outside.

who needs an irrigation system?  

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Urban myths

1) Sprinkler irrigation systems use more water.
-This is not the case, in fact they use less water due to
precise valves, nozzles  metering out the required amounts.
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What is involved...

2) Irrigation systmes require alot of maintenance. Also NOT TRUE.

Once set, the controller will monitor actual rainful and turn off your system when its not needed. In the fall, as long as the lines are blown free of water, there is no further maintenance necessary to winterize.

What maintenance is required? 

In the fall the sprinklers themselves are made up of rotors and sprays, and lines need to be blown clear of all water at the end of the season. If not, any water in the lines over the winter can cause them to expand and break.

In the spring time, the system needs to be "re-opened" careful as to not shock the sytems and force a blow out. This is best left for a commercial company the charge will be $75 - $150 per visit. 
Oakville Ontario is one of Canada's most beautiful cities. Residents here pride themselves on maintaining their outdoor lawns and Green Spaces. 

An Irrigation system, or sprinkler system, is a great way for you to keep your lawn and gardens green and colorful while at the same time saving money on unnecessary watering 
and increasing leisure time at home. 

 To answer the question, who need's an Irrigation system? Simple, anyone looking to beautify their home, increase its' value and would like to enjoy more free time.

Irrigation installation 

Installing an underground irrigation system is a lot of work, you need to have specialized trenching and boring machinery, electrical and plumbing knowledge and experience with volumetric metering rates. 

*You will need to know your water flow rate

(house pressure) in order to size and estimate

your irrigation system properly.

We offer Flow rate tests which measure both statics and dynamic flow. This information is critical to sizing and determining the total number of zones  and heads required.

Our Certified Irrigation Technician and crew will do the following:
  • Create a custom system design based on your property dimensions and water requirements.
  • Trench or bore feed lines
  • Assemble custom valve manifold and pressurize
  • Connect lines and test rotors and sprays
  • Adjust rotor and spray arcs and volume
  • Install the Control System and individual zone modules based on your system
  • Install and link rain sensor
  • Provide tutorial for home owners to make small adjustments due to season changes.